Illustration & print workshop in Besançon

We are a cooperative design and digital creation workshop.Following our time and inspiration, we draw and print cards and poster in our tiny studio. Through vacations memories, children illustrations or graphic experiments, we like to draw, to print and to shape.

Our workshop
is open
monday to thursday
from 9am to 12pm
and from 2pm to 6pm.

Studio Champ Libre
26 rue de l’école
25000 Besançon

printing in risography

We print our posters and cards thank to our “RISO” duplicator. It’s a printing process that uses a stencil reproduction system. Each color is printed seperately. We create a template for each tone of an illustration and for each tone, we process the paper ine the machine.

RISO inks allow us to have vivd colors and to create other colors by overprinting.

We use hight quality paper produced only 20km away from our workshop.

Each print is unique. These are handworked prints, there flaws and imperfections make part of their charm.


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